Our vacuum systems are designed with the patient in mind. We
want the user experience to be safe and easy. Our vacuum
systems features a new, unique design making it the most
advanced and effective vacuum system aystem available. Our
system has a sucess rate of OVER 95% and with NO SIDE EFFECTS.


Here are the primary causes for Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

  • Prostate Cancer Surgery(Radical Prostatectomy, Radiation & HIFU)
  • Diabetes
  • Medications
  • Vascular Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Aging Process
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Anxiety

If you are suffering from Impotence, you can get your sex life back and be
confident again.

Our systems work by creating a gentle suction that creates the
necessary bloodflow for an erection. It works in minutes.
It is so effective and easy to use you will wonder why you
didn't try it years ago. If you have tried other treatment methods
in the past without success such as the pills, we are the solution you've been
looking for. We have counseled and helped over 3 million couples over the
years overcome their Erectile Dysfunction and get their life back.

You may be skeptical and wonder is this is for "real" or does it really "work"?
Remember, our treatment is not some "new" or "fad" treatment promising

"pie-in-the-sky" results. Our treatment is one of the four viable treatments

used by Urologists worldwide to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Call us today (1-800-475-3091) and let us help you OVERCOME your impotence and start enjoying life again.

We are the ONLY vacuum systems that includes BOTH a Manual and Battery pump. We give you the option to choose which vacuum pump head you prefer. Experience greater intimacy and results with TWO vacuum devices...EXCLUSIVE FROM ENCORE.
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Watch our instructional video to learn more
about how our vacuum systems work with
our step-by-step guide.

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Our exclusive ring design provides maximum comfort and strength. Our customers appreciate the attention to detail and how easy they are to remove after use.

Our systems do not require personal lubricant to use. Personal lubricant can be cold, sticky & interfere with intimacy. Watch to learn more.

Our system features a unique design called the ring ejector sleeve(Exclusive to Encore). Installing and removing the ring with traditional vacuum therapy systems can be difficult and very frustrating and, often times, have to start over. With our ring ejector sleeve, you simply twist in either direction and the ring will be installed perfectly everytime. Learn more by watching our movie below.

Revive Premium works in 30 seconds to ONE minute. The Gentle Suction creates the erection in no time. There are NO Contraindications, NO Side Effects and Works in just Minutes! Why wait any longer when you can enjoy satisfying sex right now. Doctor's Prescribe our Treatment because it's so safe, effective and less expensive than other treatment options. Prescription Medications (Pills) rarely work and are very expensive with numerous Side Effects.

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Encore's Vacuum Systems have been designed with your safety in mind. All of our Vacuum Pumps feature a pressure safety-release valve so you can use our system safely and with confidence.

Encore has been in business for over 22 years serving with Excellence and Integrity. We proudly disclose that we DO NOT "sell" or "give away" your personal information and never will. We are committed to protecting Your Phone Number, Email & Personal Information. Order Revive Premium with confidence knowing that your personal information is kept Private.



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Our vacuum systems are the number one recommended systems by Urologists worldwide. Doctors appreciate the patented features and ease of use for their patients that set set us apart from other systems. Listen to Dr. Hanafy share about our vacuum systems and why they prefer us.




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