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Causes of Impotence
Impotence or ED (Erectile Dsyfunction) can be caused from a variety of reasons. Radical Prostatectomy or Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & some Prescription Medications can cause Impotence, also known as ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Most Doctors first prescribe Prescription Drugs such as Viagra® or Cialis® to treat ED. But what do you do when drugs fail? Encore's Revive Premium System allows you to be intimate again and restore your intimacy.

What Is Impotence?
Impotence simply means that a man is not able to have an erection firm enough for a long enough time to have successful sexual intercourse. Impotence, despite the myth, IS NOT an inevitable consequence of our old age! Another common myth is that impotence is psychological; however, only 15 percent of diagnosed cases are now considered psychological impotence. The TRUTH is that Impotence is virtually as common as the common cold but much more treatable. Because of the sensitivity of the subject, no one knows exactly how many men suffer from impotence.

It is estimated that as many as 30 million men in the U.S. have the problem. Since vacuum therapy is 95 percent effective(1), virtually every man can be helped. About 85 percent of all impotence results from a physical cause. These causes include vascular disease, diabetes, pelvic surgery, radiation therapy, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis. There are well over 100 prescription drugs as well as the excessive use of cigarettes or alcohol which can also cause impotence.

Treatment Options
Vacuum therapy is the most commonly prescribed treatment for impotence. There are 4 treatment options: 1)pescription drugs such as Viara®, Ciais® & Levitra® 2)Vaccum Therapy 3)Injections 4)Penile Implant. Pescriptions Drugs are expensive and oftens times do not work. Furthermore, they are also associated with negative side effects. Injections are expensive and painful and you cannot control the erection. Finally, Penile Implant Surgery is invasive and is associated with side effects.

The Number One Treatment
Of all of the treatment options, Encore Vacuum Therapy is the most successful treatment (better than 95 percent.)(1). There are no side effects associated with Vaccum Therapy and it is completely non-invasive. It's safe, effective and easy to use. You can control your erection when the time is right and restore your intimacy free of side effects. Of all the various Vacuum Therapy systems, Encore's Revive Premium System is the most advanced & effective system on the market. Additionally, Encore is the only system that includes both a battery & a manual pump.


1) Korenman SG, Viosca SP, Kaiser FE, et al. Use of a vacuum tumescence device in the management of impotence. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 1990;38:217-220.

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